‘Bicycle super highway’ planned for Melbourne could be coming to CBD.

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14 kilometers of new bicycle highway is planned for cyclists which link Melbourne’s west to the city. Included in the plan is a 2.5 kilometer “bicycle highway” over Footscray Road.

The bicycle superhighway is first come to Melbourne city and it was implemented in European cities like Amsterdam, Copenhagen and Berlin.

Infrastructure Victoria has proposed the cycle “highways” at a cost of $100 million. It is one of more than 200 ideas possible projects for next 30 years.

“It’s a reliable form of transport and it reduces our carbon-intensity travel,” said Michel Masson, chief executive of Infrastructure Victoria.

“I do think we need to encourage this sort of bicycle network infrastructure.”

According to the City of Melbourne, it is recorded that there are more than 81,000 bicycle trips in Melbourne city each weekday.

1,600-1,800 riders were recorded on Footscray Road at the entrance to the Melbourne city in the morning peak.

Victorian Transport Minster Luke Donnellan said while pedestrians would be allowed on the elevated cycle-way, they would be encouraged to use existing bike paths into the city.

Pedestrians are allowed to walk into the bicycle highway, but the aim of it is really focused the opportunities for those who ride to or from work.



Bicycle Network chief executive Craig Richard said that cycling is one of the most reliable transport tools for users. It is conducive to cyclists’ health and “it could improve access to destination within the central city” at the same time.

The Infrastructure Victoria reported that providing more bicycle highways is benefit to positive public health and environmental outcomes. It is believed to be sustainable environmental friendly because it will decrease the carbon footprint which will lead to better air quality.

“The provision of bicycle highways, especially if they are physically or grade separated, is likely to encourage new cycling trips by cyclists of varying abilities and reduce the risk of injuries and fatalities related to crashes.” Said by Infrastructure Victoria report.

Part of citizens who live in city like the idea while some people are not.


“Public transports are faster.” Some people prefer to take public transports because they think they are more convenient than cycling.

However, Infrastructure Victoria said that cycling will be cheaper than taking public transport and it was actually faster during peak periods.

An environmental effects consultation will now be proceeded for this plan of bicycle highway and it will be completed by the end of the year. The construction is going to begin in 2018.

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